The AASHE Listening Project: Acting on the Community Voice


We have completed the second phase of the AASHE Listening Project and have analyzed findings from the AASHE 2014 Membership Survey and presented these findings at the AASHE 2014 Listening Project Summit in Portland, Oregon (access results under the Findings tab). We are continuing to work with the AASHE Advisory Council to formalize the process toward an inherent listening culture among the AASHE organizational structures and membership. Please stay tuned for more information about opportunities for input and dialogue as the organization continues to evolve in this way.

We want to sincerely thank everyone who contributed to the first phase of the Listening Project, which culminated in the Listening Project Summit at the AASHE 2013 Conference & Expo in Nashville. To learn more about the outcomes from this phase and to stay up to date with the progress of the Listening Project, please visit the Findings tab.



  • October - November: Survey responses analyzed and posted on Listening Project website (see Results tab)
  • August - October: AASHE 2014 Membership survey launches
  • July - August: STARS 2014 survey launches
  • January - March: Listening Project co-chairs and AASHE Board work to formalize Listening Project with AASHE Advisory Council members


  • November: Catalyst Training (Third cohort)
  • October: Nashville Listening Project Summit held; compilation of LP "Next Steps" begins
  • September: Draft of preliminary LP findings created
  • August - July: Catalyst training and interviews conducted
  • July: AASHE Board, staff, advisory/senior council member peer interviews
  • June: LP official launch
  • May: LP staffing commitments made; kicking off phone meetings