Incorporating Sustainability into Campus Strategic Planning



Presented by AASHE Leader-level member Waste Management and campus member Spelman College on April 2, 2014.

Sustainability is a journey and every institution falls somewhere along this continuum, with very few fitting neatly into one box. Nearly all colleges and universities have widely embraced sustainability goals and commitments for a wide range of reasons including reducing costs, engaging students and communities, environmental protection, acting as a responsible environmental steward, and brand enhancement.

In addition to breakthrough research, academic excellence, student success and renowned faculty, many universities are now including environmental leadership in their campus strategic plans.

In this free, one-hour webcast, you will learn how Spelman College is successfully transforming into a green campus. We will be discussing the integration of sustainability in strategic planning and all campus operations, a focus on personal impact and accountability on the environment and the college’s pursuit of a LEED Gold Standard for all new construction and renovation projects. You will also hear how Waste Management is working with colleges and universities to integrate sustainability into campus strategic plans and the implementation of such plans, from sustainability consulting to in-house project management, benchmarking, and reporting to ensure success.


karen Karen Stiles, LEED AP O&M, Business Development Manager, Waste Management Karen’s 20+ years of business and management experience, enhances her role as a corporate strategist helping organizations integrate sustainable practices into their ongoing operations, resulting in increased productivity, market share and customer satisfaction. She has worked with Waste Management’s higher education team for the past four years. She is adept at applying proven practices to new markets, identifying unique solutions for current challenges and demystifying applied sustainability. Karen is a frequent speaker on the topic and serves as a subject matter expert for numerous publications. She holds a BS degree in Education and Mathematics, an MS degree in Administration and additional post-graduate studies in Testing and Measurement.

art Art Frazier, Director of Facilities Management & Services Department, Spelman College Art Frazier is the Director of Spelman College’s Facilities Management & Services Department. Over the past 9 years he has led an organizational transformation that commenced with a new vision and mission and a change in leadership style and philosophy. In addition to his primary responsibility of operating a 39 acre campus and managing a staff of over 60 employees, Art is responsible for all of Spelman’s non-curricular sustainability initiatives and serves as Co-Chair of the Sustainable Spelman Committee. Art has been very instrumental in establishing Spelman as a leader in sustainability among Historically Black Colleges.

Prior to joining Spelman College, Art worked in the architecture field for more than 25 years on numerous award- winning commercial and institutional projects including Underground Atlanta and the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center in New York City. Art has a Bachelor’s degree in the design of the environment and a Master’s in architecture - both from the University of Pennsylvania and is a registered architect.

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