AASHE Releases Its First Publication

AASHE Releases Its First Publication

AASHE is pleased to announce the release of AASHE Digest 2005, a review of campus sustainability efforts from the past year.AASHE Digestis intended to be an annual publication comprised of news stories and resources from the previous year collected from AASHE's weekly newsletter, AASHE Bulletin.

This year’s report includes almost 250 stories about higher education leading the way to a sustainable future. It is organized into 8 chapters covering:

  • Institutional Change
  • Education & Outreach
  • Social Responsibility
  • Green Building
  • Energy & Climate
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Transportation
  • Waste, Water, Procurement, and Landscaping

AASHE hopes that the Digest will become a standard reference for those interested in learning who is doing what to advance sustainability in higher education.

This report is made possible with the support of these generous sponsors:

Over the past decade, Woodard & Curran has helped nearly 200 colleges and universities improve environmental performance and address sustainability issues. We'd look forward to working with your campus as well. Please visit us at www.woodardcurran.com.

Powersmiths offers highly efficient transformers and other electrical system technologies to help organizations meet their sustainability goals. Many colleges and universities in the US and Canada are using Powersmiths products to save money and the environment. www.powersmiths.com