Sustainability Education; a holistic philosophy

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I've posted a new blog about sustainability curriculum. See; Blog

John Gerber

Joined: Nov 24 2009

Amen to John's call for a holistic curriculum.

So who will set to work on developing such a curriculum? There is too much built-in grit in the machinery of educational institutions for a smooth transition to such a curriculum.

We are trying to address this via the drive to convince NAAB to

set as the Condition for Accreditation that every US architecture school’s curriculum provide all graduates with the theoretical and practical competence to consistently design zero net energy built environments which balance ecological, economic and social sustainability with inspiration and beauty.

Such a condition would be a true alternative to the current method of incrementally adjusting the prescribed student abilities, and instead focus on the outcome for each and every student graduating.

If you agree, please sign the following petition as an individual:

Furthermore, if you are part of a group or organization which has authorized you to sign on their behalf, please sign the institutional/group petition:

The properly-equipped and -prepared future professionals will thank you.