Park-a-Bike and Peak Bicycle Racks - Opinions?

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I am creating a bike-ped plan for my University and would like to pilot a few different kinds of bike racks. I have received two free Varsity racks from Park-a-Bike and am also looking at Peak Racks.

Any experience with either of these companies or models?

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Tyler Kidder

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The Varsity Bike Dock won the American Society for Landscape Architects People's choice award, was selected to help Davis get to "Diamond Status" with the League of American Bicyclists bicycle friendly city initiative (, and is a rack standard at the University of Southern California, University of San Diego, CSU Monterey, CSU Chico, CSU Sacramento, LMU, University of Kentucky, the City of Davis, The City of Yuba, The City of Sacramento, and many many many more...

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At UCSB we've experimented with a huge range of racks and are in the process of standardizing racks across campus. We've opted for the Peak Racks and had a wonderful experience. Peak Racks increase parking capacity over most racks in our existing lots by 50% or more when the lots are refitted. We previously had racks such as the hoop, paper clip/lowboy. Peak Racks has had wonderful customer service for us and is a local business which also fits into our calculations.

We haven't used the Varsity Bike Dock, but our campus has gone to permeable surfaces for all of our new lots and I don't think they would easily support the Varsity Bike Dock mounts which seem to need a concrete pad. One thing to consider might be the ease of installation. Peak Racks install very fast as they are long racks, I'd imagine with the Varsity Bike Dock installation is more difficult due to the number of separate mounts that have to be drilled. Not to mention the cost increase of pouring a concrete pad vs using a permeable surface.

Looking at the spec sheets the density looks similar, but I don't know how it would work out in practice especially if you have multiple rows that fit back to back.

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I am in this business for some time now and I also started a bike rack review blog and in my opinion Park a Bike have by far the most proffessional service and great range of products. The longer the bike rack is easier it is to instal. So I would go with them for such a project.