National Trends - How many Colleges and Universities have Environmental/Sustainability Programs?

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 Does anyone out there have information on how many Colleges and Universities in the U.S. have ENVS or Sustainability Programs?

How many campuses have some sort of Environmental Studies major?

How many campuses have a specific "Sustainability" major or minor?


And for those that have these majors, what are your job placement numbers like?


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Ms. Laurie,

The answer to your first set of questions is available at the AASHE Resource Center, which includes lists of minor and degree programs with several specializations including: 'Sustainability' and 'Environmental Studies'. Programs that have a significant component of sustainability, but are based in other areas such as Agriculture, Business, or Planning have also been included in separate lists.

It would be safe to say that several colleges and universities are innovating to create and maintain active academic programs with interest in Sustainability. For instance, St. Thomas University Law School recently begun offering an incentive [free program application] to students interested in their graduate program L.L.M. in Environmental Sustainability

Please feel free to contact me at with specific questions on academic programs.

Thank you,

Vinodh Valluri