Four day work week

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Do you have information on colleges and universities that are, or have tried the four-day work week?
I would like a list of the colleges that have tried the 4-day work week and if you have more info compiled, I would like to know about successes, failures, obstacles that they have gone through.
Thank you,
Kelly Chadwick

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Hi Kelly,
Here is some information from Kyle D. Brown, Ph.D, Director John T. Lyle Center for Regenerative Studies, California State Polytechnic University
"Cal Poly Pomona University has switched to a 4/10 work schedule for the past two summers. We continue to operate 5 days a week during the fall/winter/spring. We have not run the numbers for 2009 yet, but in 2008 we had 9 days of closure from this program and estimated that we reduced emissions by approximately 240 metric tons of ECO2, or 0.4% of all annual emissions. The results from 2008 suggest that nearly 60% of those emissions reductions come from changes in building operations, while 40% come from changes in commuting. We determined that staff/administrator commuting behavior was the most affected, as students and faculty were not usually on campus more than 4 days a week in the summer term anyway. As an aside, given the high price of gasoline in summer, 2008, we estimated the total savings to CPP staff from this program to be approximately $40,000."

Also, here is some information from a few other campuses:
Oakland University

Western Carolina University and Florida International University
See also: Chronicle of Higher Education Full Story
See also: Inside Higher Ed article

If you search the AASHE website using the search bar on the left hand navigation panel other campus examples will appear. Many of the programs I have seen have occured during the summer months.




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Hi Kelly,

There are also a few schools listed in the AASHE Digest that implemented four-day work weeks in 2008.  The stories, which also appeared in the AASHE Bulletin in 2008, appear in: Flexible or Alternative Schedules in Section 3, Chapter 5: Human Resources.


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Hi Kelly,

The Maricopa Community College's in Arizona does a fou-day work week for the summer months.  This is a mandatory schedule change for the entire district.  Email me if you would like more details.  Thank you.


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Hi Kelly.  You already know the following, but to everyone else, the University of Montana-Missoula just completed a supplemental study to our Climate Action Plan about implementing a 4-day work week. It is specific to our campus and I thought some might find the methodology, case study research, and results useful if they are considering a shortened work week to reduce GHG emissions. You can view the report at: