Energy Management Systems

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Are there any colleges/universities that currently have or are implementing an Energy Management System? If so, what are the challenges, advantages, benefits, etc.'s picture
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Hi Victoria,

Here are some resources that you may find helpful:

  • Blog articles on / referring to EMS - here are a few that came up when I searched the[blog by "Energy"

Lessons Learned from Using Building Energy Intensity to Guide Climate Action Planning Efforts at Foothill College

Are Your Energy Savings Real? Energy Modeling and Management at Rice University

Hope this helps!

My best,

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From our colleague Ed Wilson of Cornell:
"Cornell has an extensive energy management system. The benefits are substantial.

· Monitoring each buildings energy usage, electrical, steam and chilled water

· You can’t control what you don’t meter

· Trouble shooting individual systems

· Energy dashboards

· Student and staff awareness

· Etc etc

Feel free to email me with specific questions or information required.

Ed Wilson

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Hi Victoria,

For me, it all depends on your existing infrastructure. For us, our Building Automation System (BAS) is outdated and does not collect metered utility data. Given that updating BAS controllers was out of the student's scope of their "green fee," we opted for a wireless energy acquisition system and dashboard. Later, we can tie this data into analytic software to help us make informed decisions.

Also free to chat.

Jon Bortles