Earth Smarts – A free educational construct

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Joined: Jun 14 2010

I am in the process of validating a freely available educational construct called earth smarts ( It attempts to answer the question: what qualities do we need to justly improve or maintain our quality of life in a changing world? Earth smarts is transdisciplinary and designed to be practical, apolitical and adaptable across cultures and bioregions.

Earth smarts obviously overlaps with many of the goals of AASHE, and I would greatly appreciate members input to help validate and localize the construct. The easiest way is to take the online survey at, but I would also appreciate direct input by email, phone, or webconference (bryanhnichols at

Earth smarts is based on respect and justice as fairness, and was designed using open-source software to facilitate involvement regardless of country or income. It is and will remain freely available under Creative Commons licensing. Please have a look, offer your input to make it better, and feel free to adapt it to your own work – it should be helpful for both curriculum and assessment design.

Bryan H. Nichols