Centralized Trash & Centralized Recycling

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A request for help from SUNY-ESF's student sustainability group -

Dear Sustainability Coordinators,

We are from a green initiative club at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, NY. A current project of ours is to convert to a centralized trash system in campus buildings. We are looking for information about other campuses that are using centralized trash (with all recycling and trash bins in common areas such as hallways or lobbies, not in individual classrooms), such as the amount it has cost you to implement a centralized trash system and approximately how much money has been saved as a result.

Even if you do not know this specific information, we appreciate any assistance and wisdom you would be willing to give us about this endeavor.


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This case study from the Stern school at NYU may be helpful: Centralized Recycling Pilot at NYU Stern
Also, there was a conference presentation from Carleton on the topic at the recent AASHE conference in LA, "A Collaborative Approach: Community Waste Management at Carleton College".

Also, via its STARS report, Onodaga Community College describes its "Carry in, carry out" centralized recycling efforts.

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I recently wrote a blog series about centralized and other collection systems that might be of help:




I would also urge you to be very careful about fire codes, building codes, and egress issues related to having anything in hallways.

Good luck.

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Thanks for your help Niles and Roger!