Developing High Impact Applied Learning for Sustainability Programs

AASHE Webinars

Webinar recording and presentation materials are available in the Campus Sustainability Hub.

Webinar Date:
March 15, 2017, 3:00-4:00PM ET

This webinar will explore leading examples of applied learning in sustainability programs that are designed create exceptional student experiences and a lasting impact on the sustainability goals pursued by the community partner(s) involved. Ideally, the program also supports faculty scholarship.

Applied learning programs have proliferated over the past years and there has also been an increasing push from universities to teach and work on sustainability issues. Honouring these contributions, the speakers have worked collaboratively to compile the literature and practical management experiences on applied learning for sustainability programs that can deliver on the dual goals of rich student experiences and tangible contributions to sustainability outcomes in the community. This work has been organized into an AASHE Guide: A guide for applied learning for sustainability projects: Advancing sustainability outcomes on campus and in the community.

The speakers will provide an overview of the key concepts and tools in the guide and discuss how using the guide can help launching new projects or further advancing existing programs. Specific cases will be highlighted to provide participants with tangible examples for how institutions of any level of experience can use the concepts and tools from the guide.

Significant time will be given for discussion and the speakers are also open to hosting future conversations in the wake of the webinar.

Fletcher Beaudoin, Assistant Director, Portland State University Institute for Sustainable Solutions
beaudoin.jpg Fletcher is the Assistant Director at Portland State University’s Institute for Sustainable Solutions, which empowers effective community-university collaboration for a more livable, resilient, and sustainable future. In his role he manages a team of project managers, researchers, and communications experts who are working with faculty, students and community partners on high impact sustainability research, education and engagement efforts. Other roles include long-term planning and strategy for the unit, the development of strategic partnerships and fiscal management.

Katja Brundiers, Assistant Research Professor, School of Sustainability, Arizona State University
brundiers.jpg Katja Brundiers is Assistant Research Professor at the School of Sustainability at Arizona State University. Her PhD research explored how disasters can create opportunities for change towards sustainability. Katja also serves as the Community-University Liaison for the School of Sustainability. In this role she works with faculty to incorporate applied projects into existing courses, she teaches an undergraduate course on Professional Skills in Sustainability, and directs the online portal Sustainability Connect, featuring applied sustainability projects for students.