Chemeketa Community College Campus Sustainability Days

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Chemeketa Community College will be celebrating its first ever Campus Sustainability Days with activities scheduled October 25th through October 31st. Activities will begin with a showing of the 30-minute film, Save the Farm and culminate with a Halloween party, launching a zombie-themed recycling video (to be released at

October 25
Chemeketa Community College will show Save the Farm (30 min) in the auditorium. Save the Farm is a documentary about how the largest urban farm in America was destroyed (and why that matters) (with Darryl Hannah and Alicia Silverstone).

October 27
Staff and students are participating in Make a Difference Day, USA Weekend's “National Day of Doing Good.” The college is hosting and participating in four Make a Difference Day projects.

Staff and students will be caring for the organic Chemeketa Food Pantry Garden, weeding at the living laboratory storm water detention pond, participating in a park clean-up of Secor Park in South Salem and volunteering at an as yet to be determined service project headed up by the Associated Students of Chemeketa (a student government association).

  1. Organic Chemeketa Food Pantry Garden: Volunteers will be caring for our student-run organic garden. The fresh produce grown from our community garden is distributed through an on-campus food pantry that provides approximately 500 boxes of food in a school year.

  2. Living Laboratory Storm Water Detention Pond: Volunteers will be weeding invasive plants from our living laboratory storm water detention pond. The pond is a living system that was designed to filter storm water run-off from our Health Sciences complex, a building with several green features. The plan is to use Make a Difference Day to jump-start a new maintenance program by hand-removing aggressive weeds from the exterior plantings. This will help existing plantings to grow into the space better until they are able to keep out the weeds on their own.

  3. Secor Neighborhood Park: Volunteers are working at a park clean-up at South Salem’s Secor Neighborhood Park. This is part of a City of Salem park restoration project that is happening every Saturday this October. Secor Park is a beautiful wooded park and the forested area is becoming overrun with weeds. Volunteers will be assisting community members with re-establishing trails and removing weeds from the forest and creek.

  4. TBD: The Associated Students of Chemeketa, Chemeketa Community College’s student government association is creating another service project.

October 31
Campus Sustainability Days will finish by launching a Halloween party for a new zombie-themed recycling video. The video contains a short message to students asking for their participation in the college recycling program by feeding the zombies their preferred diet of sorted recycling. Otherwise, they’ll escape the recycling stations and roam the school in search of food!

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