The Advisory Council (AC) is organized into a series of committees covering major aspects of AASHE work. These committees enable AC members to focus on topics in which they have expertise or interest. Each committee has one or more staff liaisons who post occasional (at least once per year) requests for advice or other support to the group and may convene phone meetings if necessary to support the committee’s work.

AC members are encouraged to participate in at least one committee and may join or leave a committee at any time by contacting the relevant staff liaison. There are no size limitations for committees. Like the AC as a whole, committees are advisory in nature and have no formal decision-making authority.

Committees are formed or dissolved as needed to support AASHE’s work. There is no AC committee related to STARS as STARS is governed by an independent governance structure.

Current Committees

  • Awards Committee
    Staff Liaison: Crystal Simmons (Programs Coordinator)
    Purpose: The committee advises on the design and structure of the AASHE awards program, including award categories, judging criteria and deadlines. Committee members also serve as awards judges.
  • Conference Committee
    Staff Liaisons: Daita Serghi (Education Programs Manager) and Julian Dautremont-Smith (Director of Programs)
    Purpose: The committee advises on the design and structure of AASHE’s annual conference, including the conference theme, keynote speakers, session types, program development and more.
  • Diversity & Inclusion Committee
    Staff Liaison: Nikia Johnson (Member Services Manager)
    Purpose: The committee advises on strategies to better serve underrepresented groups and broaden participation in AASHE programs and events.
  • Education & Professional Development Committee
    Staff Liaison: Daita Serghi (Education Programs Manager)
    Purpose: The committee advises on the design, structure and content of AASHE’s professional development offerings, including webinars and in-person workshops.
  • Policy & Advocacy Committee
    Staff Liaison: Meghan Fay Zahniser (Executive Director)
    Purpose: The committee advises on AASHE’s policy and advocacy work, including lobbying in connection with legislation relevant to higher education sustainability and with institutions that impact higher education sustainability (e.g., accreditation agencies, government agencies and intergovernmental organizations).
  • Resources & Publications Committee
    Staff Liaisons: Monika Urbanski (Data & Content Manager) and Crystal Simmons (Programs Coordinator)
    Purpose: The committee advises on the design, structure, functionality and content of AASHE’s resources, including the Campus Sustainability Hub and AASHE Bulletin.
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