AASHE 2012 Conference Steering Committee

AASHE’s Annual Conference is intended to reach a broad and diverse group of individuals, in order to meet the goals of the organization. It is of value to engage individuals in the planning and execution of AASHE’s Annual Conference so that the programs meet the needs of the target population. The Conference Steering Committee (CSC) will provide guidance and feedback on the strategic direction of AASHE conference.

Charge: The CSC Committee will provide guidance, advice and oversight regarding AASHE efforts to provide an annual conference or conferences.

Criteria for Membership: Steering Committee members should possess:

  • An understanding of the AASHE mission and the goals.
  • Familiarity and significant experience with large scale professional conferences as a means of providing professional development opportunities.
  • Familiarity with conference planning
  • Ability to collaborate and work well on a team.

Membership: The Steering Committee shall be comprised of:

  • 2-3 members of the AASHE Board of Directors to be appointed in staggered terms by the board through its regular committee assignment process
  • 8-10 volunteers representing the diversity of academic roles from administrators to faculty to students as well as sustainability staff and volunteers representing the business and NGO community.
  • Volunteers will be selected to reflect the diversity of AASHE institutions.
  • The Events Manager and the AASHE Executive Director will serve as ex-officio members and additional staff may periodically participate in meetings as appropriate.

Process for Volunteer Selection and Appointment: The AASHE Executive Director and Events Manager or their designees shall appoint the volunteers to the CSC. A call for applications will be sent out through AASHE newsletters. Preference will be given to individuals at AASHE member organizations who have attended the conference in the past.

Terms: Term limits for committee members are minimum of one year, up to three years, and members may be reappointed for a second term (not to exceed 6 years). AASHE’s Executive Director reserves the right to remove a Steering Committee member from the position without cause. (n.b. normally terms will be for 3 years however initially some terms will be one or two years to create the staggering of terms.) The ending date of the term will be established prior to the appointment.

Time Commitment: The committee will meet no more than once a month by conference call and may meet in person at the AASHE annual conference.
Members will be expected to attend calls and contribute sufficient time to address the continued development and strategic positioning of conference initiatives. Members receive no remuneration for their services.

Roles and Responsibilities: Steering Committee members will provide strategic advice to ensure the success of the annual conference. The advisory purview of the committee will focus on shaping the substance and content of the conference, the conference theme, conference location and other major logistic concerns. The CSC will also work with the Events Manager and the Executive Director to appoint subcommittees such as the Host Committee and the Program Committee and to establish the charge and responsibilities of those sub-committees. The CSC will also be asked to review alternative approaches to the conference including video distribution options and multisite conferences.