Education and Professional Development Steering Committee

The Education and Professional Development Steering Committee is comprised of campus representatives, members of the AASHE Board of Directors, and AASHE Staff. Education and Professional Development Steering Committee members will provide guidance and feedback on the strategic and fiscal direction of AASHE Education projects and initiatives and resources supporting the advancement of sustainability in higher education.

Term limits for committee members are up to three years and members may be reappointed for a second term (not to exceed 6 years). AASHE’s Executive Director reserves the right to remove a Steering Committee member from the position without cause. (n.b. normally terms will be for 3 years however initially some terms will be one or two years to create the staggering of terms.) The ending date of the term will be established prior to the appointment.

Time of Commitment
The committee will meet no more than once a month by conference call, participate in the Education and Professional Development Committee web platform, and meet in person at the AASHE annual conference. .Members will be expected to attend calls and contribute sufficient time to address the continued development and strategic positioning of education and professional development initiatives. Members receive no remuneration for their services.

Roles and Responsibilities:
Steering Committee members will provide strategic advice to ensure the success of the Education & Professional Development resource web presence, projects, annual conference professional development offerings and professional development training and educational programs. The advisory purview of the committee will focus on shaping the content and delivery of the Education and Professional Development Initiatives and the design of resources relevant to the transformation of curriculum and sustainability initiatives in higher education. The Steering Committee may be requested to provide feedback on topics such as educational offerings, initiatives, partnerships and other activities related to the success of the program.
AASHE is currently seeking a few campus representatives to join the Education and Professional Development Steering Committee. To be considered for a position on the committee, please complete the application form (including resume) by Feb. 1, 2013. If you have any questions, please contact

Steering Committee Members

Campus Representatives
Tom Kelly, Sustainability Director, University of New Hampshire
Rod Parnell, Professor, Northern Arizona University
Mark Davies, Academic Dean, Oklahoma City University
Ian Duncan MacKenzie, Professor, Dawson College, Canada
Angela Halfacre, Professor and Director of Shi Center for Sustainability, Furman University
Jacob Park, Associate Professor, Green Mountain College
John J. Cook, Director of Sustainability, U of California Riverside
AASHE Board Members
Lori White, Vice President for Student Affairs, Southern Methodist University
Jon Jensen, Professor, Luther College

Cindy Thomashow, Education and Professional Development Officer
Paul Rowland, Executive Director

Meeting Notes and Supporting Documents